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Re: Help me get my supply back

Also, just a side note, your milk supply begins to regulate itself around 6-8 weeks so you no longer make "extra". Pumping 1/2 oz after feeding is actually good and totally normal. That doesn't mean you are low.

Check out - you can search low milk supply and "is my baby getting enough" in the search box or look through the links on the left side bar. She has TONS of great info on just what you are dealing with and my gut reaction is that you are probably fine, your milk supply is probably perfect and you are unnecessarily supplementing with formula which WILL hurt your supply.

All the previous posters gave great advice. Hang out with baby, drink plenty of fluids, get enough to eat, nurse, nurse, nurse and then nurse some more. If you are still concerned, pump for 15-20 minutes 4x per day after feedings for 4 days. This should increase your milk supply. Then I'd try herbs, etc. if you still feel like you aren't making enough. Talk to an LC and make sure you have lots of support. Doubt will creep in, but that doesn't mean something is wrong! You already sound like maybe you had a hard time before with BFing and that might be making you more anxious. Relax and go with it. Trust that your body and your baby were made to do this and they will do it well.

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