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Re: He wont stop biting me!

Originally Posted by proudmama4 View Post
Try not to use too many words. Stick to a firm "No Biting." I would also take my index finger and pop my LO's noses. If he laughs and starts making it a game, try putting him in his crib for a few minutes and walk away. You can do that if he bites his sister too. My guess is once he learns he won't get attention after biting, he might stop. Good luck. That's a hard situation.
I've bot the firm 'no biting' down, but I won't pop him in the nose with my finger. No crib here either so crib time wont work. With his sister telling her she couldn't nurse if she bit worked because she would sit and look at me to tell her it was okay to nurse again. He is just too determined and starts biting my hands and pulling at my shirt after a couple seconds of no nursing. I guess I'll have to put him down and get up and walk away to the other side of the baby gate? When he bites his sister she runs away from him and usually takes his toy with her so I think she is doing a better job of conveying the no bite message than I am!
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