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Really stressed out, need ideas/support

So here's a quick history: with DD1 I had a c-section and didn't get to nurse for almost two hours. Once I got here there she stayed latched on for almost 24 hours straight (I was soo sore!). We continued to BF on demand but she cried constantly the first week or so and then got real sluggish and sleepy. She was losing too much weight so they had me start supplementing with formula. We used a syringe/tube system at first but she was just spitting the formula back out so we added the bottle. I worked with a couple different LCs, pumped, took fenugreek, and continued to nurse on demand and bottle feed on schedule. At 5m DD1 started refusing the breast and I was just so exhausted from working so hard to make BFing work that I gave up and went to just bottle. LCs said she'd been getting .5-1oz breast milk at a feeding. Feeding were taking me an hour.

SO... to get to the point, I was able to have a successful VBAC with DD2 and she was latched on within minutes. She nursed every 1-2 hours on demand consistently the first day or so (on demand) and on monday I thought my milk might be coming in, tuesday she seemed to be getting a good amount, and then tuesday night she started increasing frequency (last night it was basically switching from one side to the other all night). She's been peeing and pooping okay (except she had a couple loose stools this am), but she's still losing weight and I'm starting to have the same sore/achy empty feeling when she tries to nurse (same empty feeling I had w/DD1).

I've been eating and drinking like crazy (though I've lost 30lbs since friday...) and yesterday I started the mother love liquid I've seen mentioned on here so many times. I also had my thyroid levels tested (I'm hypo-thyroid) and the levels are off so they're adjusting my medication today. I also started pumping tuesday. I just feel like I'm doing everything I can but I know they're going to want me to start supplementing at her appointment tomorrow and I just can't imagine going through everything I went through with DD1 only to end in failure again. Part of me feels like if I have to supplement I just want to switch to formula, but then that makes me really sad, not to mention we really can't afford the $100+ a month in formula...

I'm just very very frustrated and stressed (and I'm sure THAT's helping). Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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