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Re: Really stressed out, need ideas/support

Your DD1 story sounds just like mine, it was horrid. The stress put me into deep PPD, totally untreated for 2 years. I managed to bottle and breast feed up to 6 months and had to stop bf because they wanted to do surgery on me again. It sucked something awful.
With this nb I've supplemented with maybe 2-4oz of formula a day because my dh does everything his mother says and she wants to bottle feed. It's an on going battle and now you know why I moved us from CA to TX. Too bad she knows our address....
Regardless, with this nb bf has been so much better and after about 10-14 days my milk finally came in for real. The difference I think? Stress, I don't have nearly as much as I did with the first go around, even with a failed VBAC and repeat c (and the freaking mil moving in for months). Take all that stress and let it go. Don't worry about what the doctor says, just work on keeping that baby attached to your chest as much as possible, sit down, and relax. Enjoy your baby time and will all the negative feelings away. If that doesn't work then next time you see your doctor see if there's anything they can give you to help. My gf got some sort of nasal spray the helped with her let-down response. She said it was super relaxing. Who knows, it could help!
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