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Re: Another "she won't take a bottle" Thread

A couple suggestions - both my DD's went through this at about this age too.

1. Make sure you're not in the house or around when the bottle is being given. My stinkers would just scream if I was in the house...even if they couldn't see me because they knew it was coming from the wrong source.

2. Play around with the temp a little bit...DD2 likes it warm, but closer to luke warm than warm...DD1 liked it warm warm.

3. Try different bottles. Avent and Born Free work for us, but they may not for others. TT seems to work for some.

4. Try different positions. DD1 would snuggle up to anyone and take a bottle eventually. DD2 on the other hand wants no part of snuggling when she's got a bottle - almost like it reminds her of BFing and she doesn't want it. For her, she has to be propped up against a pillow/in the carseat and fed the bottle while snuggling with her blankie. (note - H is holding the bottle, not propping)

5. If all else fails, I have found the nubby sippy cups with the silicone spout to be wonderful things for situations like this. DD1 went through a phase where that was all she would take.

6. If you're freezing your milk, make sure it's not spoiling - some people have a higher lipase level and it "spoiles" faster.

And lastly, be prepared for reverse cycling...she'll avoid taking a bottle as long as she can and then nurse like a fool all night long. Some kids just like their milk from the source.
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