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Re: Getting the routine down ~ help w/ drying ?'s

You can dry them all together, but the covers and pockets aren't going to take nearly as long to dry as the rest. I would just line dry those--you can use a rack inside during the winter and then put everything else in on medium. Or, I sometimes leave my pockets and covers out, run a timed dry on hot with the sturdy stuff, and then throw my pockets and covers in for about 10 minutes on low at the end

As for TTO and vinegar, I honestly don't use them. Vinegar can mess with pul, so if you find you need it now and then I'd try to do it on loads you don't have pockets and covers in. I'd start with just detergent and then only add things if you're getting stinkies or something's not working. No point in making it more complicated than it has to be

I'm sure the wonderful ladies here will have great advice for you.

Good luck!
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