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Re: suggestions for preparing for babies close in age

Mine are 16 months apart and that was too close for me! Should have been 15 months apart but DD came waaaay later than anticipated!

My only real advice is to GET HELP. Have someone take your older one for a few hours so you can catch up on sleep.

A few other things that I found helpful...
If you're nursing, set up your nursing station on the floor so you can 'play' at the same time (DS would have a meltdown when I'd nurse, then DD would cry... well, you get the picture).
Get very used to baby carriers. I had DD is a sling almost all day for the first month.
Have a place to put baby that is out of reach of the LO (a pnp or whatever). DS liked to 'help' us by putting a blanket over DD (and over her face). AH!
Have meals/snacks ready in the fridge the night before so you can quickly grab them to get going in the morning.
When going 'out', be realistic about where you are comfortable going with both kids. At 3 months, I'm still only ok going to friends houses or some parks that aren't crazy busy.
Try to take some 'me' time...I realized I was going nuts around 2 months. DD is EBFd and wouldn't take a bottle... so I'd wait until she was down for the night (DH at home, of course) and I'd go out. Groceries, dinner with friends, working out, whatever. I get out at least 4X a week.
Don't 'expect' to get much done during the day in terms of housework, meal prep, ect... If the house doesn't catch on fire, you are having a GREAT day!!

Congrats!!! Hopefully others can give some good suggestions
Pseudo-crunchy mama who is just tryin' to do the right thing for DS (Dec/09) and DD (April/11)

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