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Re: suggestions for preparing for babies close in age

My first two were 15 months apart. Let me see what I can remember from that time because it was all a blur.

*Find a wrap that you like. I had my baby in a moby wrap 24/7 to have hands free for my 15 month old.
*Try to have someone with you on outings. I couldn't go anywhere alone for at least six months. I always had my husband, sisters, friends, whoever would come to help out and I always needed help. It was hard to accept at first, because I like to do stuff on my own, but I really needed the help while out.
*Ask for help when you need it. I was constantly asking my husband for help. Up until then I had taken care of most things baby related, but with two babies it was just too hard. I would tell him every time I needed help. It took a few weeks for this of me trying to run around doing everything and feeling incredibly stressed out. I finally said, "I always need help right now, so anytime you have a free minute I could use some help." It took some learning, but we got it down.
*The first six months were very hard for me. My younger daughter had colic and was crying pretty much all the time. I was so stressed out, but we got through it and after about six months things settled down. I love having them so close now.

Good luck! You can do it!
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