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Re: really dissapointed and sad and upset.. needing advice on what to do.

Originally Posted by jenbengtson View Post
where are you located at? I might be able to help you. I am in san diego and also a military spouse so i know how had things can get. Have you go to any of the relief places on base and asked for a loan?
Im in Buckeye AZ about 20-40 min from Pheonix (depending on where your headed in pheonix) and about 4 hours from LA. My husband did receive an AER loan a few months ago to help with our rent because i didnt have enough to cover it, (hes overseas right now in Korea) and they keep telling him its fixed and then there is always some reason why it didnt really get fixed.. its been 7 months of this, i keep praying it will come through soon, but i dont think it will in time.

OPP, I asked the hospital and they said you have to be within a certain income and well, i am over it. it sucks. I thought fire stations would but not anymore i guess? im kind of at a loss.

thank you both for responding to help give advice and for the hugs!
and mama of Bubba age 4 Booger age 3, and princess age 9 months!

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