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seperate but equal or all in one bucket? Family cloth and dipe insert questions

I have finally decided to go for using wipes for myself in teh bathroom. Just for pee though, tp is still there for #2

I was wondering how you guys handle this? Do I need to keep the wipes I use for myself seperate from teh ones I use for my girls? Do I need to wash them differently or seperately? Do you guys wash and store wipes seperate or differently than diaps?

Speaking of seperation here, can I use the same inserts for both kids? Wash them together? Should I keep each girls stuff seperate from the other and my wipes seperate from theirs? Thus far I have been throwing wipes in one garbage can and diaps and inserts in a large pail. All of ours mixed in there.

Just looking for suggestions on how other mamas do it!~
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