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does your 1st ppaf come later as you get older?

I know that First PPAF is dependent on SO many factors- like how long and often the baby nurses. But I've noticed a trend over the last 11 years of having babies and seeing my first ppaf starting later.. and well right now I'd like to put my mind at ease lol.

Baby #1- breastfed all the time, ppaf 4 months.
Baby #2- only nursed for 2 weeks, so naturally ppaf at 6 weeks.
Baby #3- breastfed all the time , ppaf 5.5 months.
Baby #4- breastfed all the time.. then started working 2 nights a week, ppaf came around 7 months.
Baby #5- this one doesn't count cause he was glued to my boobs more than any other kid LOL, I did have some bleeding when I got my Mirena around 8 months, but I really don't consider my first ppaf until about just after a year.

Ok, now Baby #6... breastfeeds, but does use a pacifier, more often than any other baby (most my babes didn't at all or only for car rides, etc.)... I had like 3 days of weird spotting in mid-May when she was 3 months old; and NOTHING since then.
She is 5.5 months now.. I just started going to school full time 3 weeks ago- she has formula during the day. I am only nursing her in the evening and overnight... still no period and I was SO sure I was going to start the first week I started school. As in the past my body has always been pretty sensitive to any decrease in nursing, plus I have short luteal phases while nursing... so I expected a period by now.

We use condoms, VERY carefully.. seriously- we consider ourselves in the "perfect use" category LOL.. we have never had a break or a slip or ANYTHING concerning. So I know I'm not pregnant.. but my brain of course is freaking out (can't tell you how many pregnant dreams I've had).

My only conclusion is it's an age thing... I had my first at 18, now I'm 29.. my body just takes a little longer to get back into the swing of things lol.

I would like my period though- for peace of mind I guess.
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