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Question Any advice on explaining b****** to my 3yr old?

She did horribly when I had my 20mth old, but she was younger then too. She would literally scream and cry, yank him away from me, hit him, try to drag him in the floor etc! It made for a VERY stressful time for me, as you ladies can imagine!
Well I started talking to her when I was 25wks pregnant this time (I am now 33wks) about bfing! She has picked up on the idea that there is milk in my "boobies" that the baby will drink, and according to her one is strawberry and one is chocolate milk

Just in case things go bad once Colin gets here are there any tips you guys can offer for making it easier for her to understand? Maybe things I can do with her while I bf the new little one? There will also be my 20mth around but I don't think he will have a hard time with it like she did....

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