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Re: Any advice on explaining b****** to my 3yr old?

My DD is 2 1/2 , and my newborn is 6 weeks-eek! We talked about her fav. foods, and how mommy milk will be baby's fav. food. Here are some things I've said to stave off the jealousy:
She's eating, would you like a snack, too?
Baby is hungry, but when she's done, we can go play.
Do you want to sing to baby while she eats?
We can read a book- you'll have to hold the book, big sister. (using the term "big sister" adjusts her mood and makes her more kind and generous! )
Oh, baby is cold, can you get her a blanket while she eats? Or a toy? Or a book? Or cook her something in your kitchen?Or draw her a picture? (get toddler to be be helpful or to create soemthing for baby while you are nursing)

*I have to say that we have had some random conversations about her breasts making milk(pink milk) and that she will share it with us. Also, she wanted to see Daddy's milk... oh, and she asked to taste my milk- I would have been fine with her latching on, but she really just wanted a drop on her finger. "yummy good".
All in all, a LOT less jealousy than I was bracing myself for. It'll be okay!!
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