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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

I think that no matter what you decide, there are sacrifices to be made and thoughts of the greener grass on the other side. Plus I can bet you that there are a lot of SAHMs that are not cut out to be so or would rather work and would never admit the truth because that admission may be judged harshly. One thing I know for sure is that being a parent is HARD and so much harder than a non-parent can imagine so each choice, like whether or not to return to work, can be very complicated. Don't forget too that this particular site caters to a certain type of mom and most (of course not all) moms that are very into attachment or natural parenting choices also go hand in hand with other choices like being a SAHM, homeschooling, etc. You don't really get a full range of ideas from this site usually so if you really want to explore your choices and others' experiences, you really should talk to more people or become a part of other parenting sites.
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