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Re: suggestions for preparing for babies close in age

Mine aren't quite that close together (the first 2 are 26 months, and the last 2 are 21 months), but I've figured out that getting as much done after they go to bed to be ready for the next day helps a ton. So, pick out clothes - theirs & yours, make cups of juice or whatever, even get breakfast ready as much as possible. Even if you just think of what they will eat the next day, it saves time. Fill up water bottles for yourself to drink throughout the next day so you are getting enough to drink.

Another thing we did for the older siblings was buy a small gift or book for them "from the baby". It was kind of nice to have them start off on the right foot with the new baby, and I think it helped them adjust. Plus it gave them a new toy to sit down & play with when I needed to feed the baby. There is a book called "I'm a Big Sister Now" (and also a brother one) that I thought was really good in preparing our girls as each baby came along. Target has it, and so does Motherhood Maternity. I'm sure Amazon does as well.

If you have 2 floors in your house, invest in more than one boppy. I hated being upstairs in the middle of the night, only to realize that my boppy was downstairs. But, if you co sleep & nurse laying down, I guess you won't need that.

Good luck! You'll make it!
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