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I have done both, and I prefer working out of home. I don't regret the 14 months I stayed home with my twins, but when the job offer came around I was ready to take it. I feel like I know how to be a good mom for infants, but I'm not cut out for toddlerhood. I lost patience easily and counted down the hours till DH came home and I could take a break. If one of them didn't take a nap, it would seriously ruin my whole day. I feel terrible saying this but it was liberating to hand my toddlers over to a professional child care person each morning and zoom off to work and adult land.

When I got pg with baby #3, DH even asked me, "you're going to keep working right?" he followed up with something to the effect of, I didn't seem happy staying home last time. How nice of him not to come right out and say I was a total b----, I'm pretty sure that's what he meant.

I think part of why I like working is because i feel like I'm on more equal footing with DH. When I stayed home full time I think we both expected me to do all the night time parenting etc. I did get to a point where I felt really resentful.

Also I have a nice part time situation. It's a really good balance for me.

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