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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

I love being a WOHM, but my job is certainly my passion and on top of that I am so fortunate that my DH is a SAHD, so I know when I am at work that my DS is taken care of, no questions, no worries about my cases going late. It is hard that my hubby gets to see milestones that I don't and since DS is still EBF it's really hard (a 6 hour surgery is difficult!!) but at least for me my profession is a large part of who I am and I can't imagine trying to be a mama and not be who I am.
Colleen, surgeon, WOHM to DS1 born 3/11 , step-DD 11/91 , DS2 born 4/13 , and expecting DD 5/15 , happily married to DH , fantastic SAHD
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