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Does anyone know FOR SURE the external seat widths of RA50 & RA55?

I would like to get my new baby girl a RA55 b/c of the RF limits but I would like to know if the RA55 has a wider external seat measurement than the
RA50. I have a RA50 for my 24m old, which I bought at Target for 110. He is fine with the RA50, despite the RF limit being only 35lbs b/c I am fairly certain that he will outgrow it RF by height before weight. (We'll deal with that when the time comes. I'm sure he still has quite some time left to RF) However, I am not sure at this point how my baby girl will grow and what her body type will be. But I am very curious to know if the 55 is wider than the 50. Right now I have 2 Radians and the the RA50 in the 3rd row of my minivan (an 03 Montana 8p). It goes rear-facing RA50 , RN65, RNXTSL (left-to-right, 24m. old RF, 6.7 yr old DD, 4.6 yr. old DD) the 2 RNs are FF.
thanks for any info on measurements.
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