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Huge Destash! WCW L Longies, S Blueberry, Rarz, more!

All prices include postage. Cat and dog infested, non-smoking home. I guarantee you that I will miss a few hairs, my apologies! I try to describe to the best of my ability, but I do miss things- good vibes! Trade link on bottom!


sold!Red large fleece Snap EZ. EEUC, day weight $8 with microfiber insert.
Blueberry Small pockets-a little bigger than BG XS (7-14lbs?). Sold in color lots:
2 EUC red $25

3 VGUC pink (light stains), plus extra soaker $30

Rumparooz OS VGUC Bermuda Aplix (small stain near pocket opening) $18 $16. Lux, Monsters & Whale Tale sold.

Sold!Knickernappies OS (fits up to 40 lbs!) 2 VGUC light blue and brown, plus FFS (with lot) periwinkle with snap issue. Come with large and small loopy dos. $40ppd.

2 VGUC Smart Bottoms AIOs M, but run a little small. Hemp/cotton inners. PUL back inserts $25 $20

Toddler Caddilac: Got on FSOT and its too big for my skinny guy $15 $13$10 Stains on soaker, outter a bit faded, elastics relaxed.

Also have Itti Bitti Tuttos:sold Danube, Jade, soldSpectra and Ponder. VGUC, no stains, but wash wear to the minky because I have hard water and line dry covers. $32 fot Jade and Ponder

sold!GUC-Loved BG Elementals. I have a set of Artists that I got used, but were represented as "dingy." I thought the color was off on the cell pick, but they arrived and had rust water stains, pretty even coffee color. Some edge holes, a couple are pencil sized. $60ppd lot
Jamtots:large with relaxed elastic: ocean blue, no insert $14$12

3 NWOT, 2 GUC Applecheeks stay dry $17

Also have 2 hemparoo flats. Loved, a little rough. Also 2 no-name hemp flats. $14ppd lot

3 EEUC M firefly fitteds. Teal, green, and Marigold. Worn 1-3x each. Colored. SOLD!
Kissaluv Marvels. Serged wovens with sherpa OBV inner.s SOLD!
Sold! Toddler Flufferbutter pieced from 3 section of Suess fabric. OBV sherpa $16
GMs. Harajuku Hangout has some edgewear and is sherpa $22ppd. The rest are NIP and sold except: Domo Dreams $53

SOLD.New Bububebe. Not in original package, but wanted to keep the pet hair off it Love B4s, just have too many fitteds, lol. Turned/denim CV inner

Small Motherease Airflow $10 each, all 3 for $25. Washed, I think I may have used one of these? white and ocean (version 1, not the aqua one).

EUC Aplix Rumparooz OS cover in Rootbeer and Sunshine $12 each. GUC Amethyst $10 Snap Eco Owls sold. All 3 for $30!

GUC mint Weehugger. Small pen mark on front and some dog hair caught in wrinkly PUL from when DS was scooting. $9

GUC pink Weehugger. Aplix pilly, PUL wrinkly $10

NWOT Chasing Zen Large interlock shorts in Cayenne. Very pretty color, but I finally found some Bumby (my fav!) in Tuscan sun, so I don't *need* these $40
Bumby Navy L short with Blues Clues applique. Extra inseam, GUC $40ppd

SOLD.Got my Sbish longies back from a swap gone bad These are 2010 sprout L. I tried these on once over a pocket and my son didn't seem to like the double knit, lol. The tags are still on and I don't see anything wrong with them.

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