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Re: Is it possible to fit 2 marathons+1radian

new marathons or classics? What direction is each seat facing?

BTW, I wouldn't worry abt the Superlatch issue in your case. With 3 across, you'll have to use seatbelts anyway.

I have a 2011 Jetta Sportwagen. The Radian goes in well in the middle rfing (albeit reclined to 40ish*) and I can get the Blvd (65) rfing next to it really easily. That leaves plenty of room for an adult in the other seat (haven't tried it w/ another seat back there. I've also done a literider(nbb)-rfing radian-rfing Truefit across the back. If all three are rfing (with the radian in the middle), I'm sure it will work. If 2 are rfing and 1 ffing (or 2 ffing and 1 rfing), it will probably work as long as the radian is facing the same direction as one of the marathons. (ie NO to ffing radian with 2 rfing marathons).

I can try some combos in the back while my kids are sleeping this afternoon, but I only have the "classic" Britaxes (65lb limit), I don't have the new "70" seats.
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