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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

Originally Posted by grinnellian2001 View Post
This, this, this!

I toyed with being a SAHM (really a WAHM since I run a couple pretty successful side businesses) but am really struggling with the idea of giving my my career. In my field (museum work) there simply aren't enough positions that I could leave and have any hope of getting back into a similar one in a couple years. I could branch off and do consulting work, which I might end up doing eventually, we'll see how it goes. My mother was a WAHM with a thriving full-time plus consulting business so that is the norm for me. I can't imagine not using my training for something (working FT or PT, consulting, running a WAHM business, or perhaps home schooling). I'm very worried about how I will feel when our LO comes, though. I'm not looking forward to daycare. Fortunately we are in a position financially that I can bump down to part time for awhile and my employers have been supportive of that...
I have done SAHM (about 15 months) and I have done part-time WOHM... and I love working part-time. It is a really nice balance for me. I work 20-25 hours a week (before current baby I was more like 25-30 hours), spread over 4 days, some of it from home (but with childcare, I cannot work and take care of my kids at the same time). With this schedule I can send my kids to a co-op preschool (where I work a 3 hour shift every week) and we have time for play dates, running errands, going somewhere special or just hanging out. It is also easier to keep up with nursing this way, I don't have to pump as much (just 3x a week--on the days I go in to the office, and I pump when I get home, not at work (hate pumping at work)).
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