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Re: Car seats tested for chemicals PSA

Originally Posted by lydia115 View Post
I was wondering what all you mamas thought about this? is it hyped up too much? my DD has the britax marathon 70 in allison...its moderate at a .8. Am I a bad mama for not being too worried about this? I feel like i EBF, CD, love my baby to pieces...i bought this car seat because it was one of the highest rated for safety. I try my best to protect my DD and do best for her, but i cannot conquer all.
I'm not too worried about it, though none of my seats are on either list so I guess they are midrange Anyway, my kid doesn't stick any part of the carseat in his mouth so he's not ingesting it. I've never been a fan of using carseats in strollers or for extended periods outside the car. These chemicals are EVERYWHERE! For one, we just went to a public pool - I'm sure there's a lot more chlorine there than in his car seat and he most likely swallowed some. As for lead, I'm pretty sure the worst affect of that is if ingested and if you kid is eating their carseat that's an entirely different issue all together. I'll choose crash test safety over chemicals any day!
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