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Need trainer help! (Spam away please)

I have a son who's turning 3 on the 8th. He is such a big boy, but is refusing to potty train. He wears a size 4T shirt and 3T pants, and weighs 36lbs, and stands 38" tall. Waist - 19-19.5" Thigh - 12" Rise - 15.5-16"

He hates disposables (which he's always worn) but hates Pull Ups even more. Not to mention they give him a rash on his lower back and between his thighs. I offer his Imse Vimse trainer (we have 1) and he likes it, but he pees in them just like a diaper...and worst of all he WILL poop in them. Suffice it to say he's not concerned about being wet or poopy! He is super independent and would love to pull up/pull down something easy though (it gets stuck on his booty).

I'm sad he can't go to pre-school where we live (small town) until he's Pl'd What pants/methods would you all suggest? I don't want to invest a ton of $$$ cause he's so on the verge of "getting it".
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