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Re: Intentionally "troll"-ish posts & the latest "clique"

Originally Posted by TeachinAuntie View Post
Trolling, cliques, and such are against the terms of use of DS, I'm pretty sure. I've read the threads. I know what "it means" and I think its a waste of space and that the Mamas who don't REALIZE that the threads are trash are wasting their time/emotion on something others are getting jollies from.

In the past, such groups/movements/ideas have been put into their place (and eventually moved out of the public view forums) by DS admin. I'd like to see that happen in this situation.
Yeesh. I think most of the mamas here on DS are really nice. I hope nobody gets "put in their place." That's a fairly archaic and unfriendly way of treating people.
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