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Re: Need trainer help! (Spam away please)

My nephew didn't learn until he was 4. He us SUPER independent and just kept forgetting to go to the bathroom because he was so distracted by his own imagination, lol. Have you tried the "it's your mess you deal with it approach"? That what my SIL finally ended up having to do with him, and it eventually worked. It is something that would definitely work better for an older toddler like your son rather than a toddler under 2. She would remind him to use the bathroom every hour or so, but if he didn't go and came to her and told her he was wet or dirty she would show him where his clothes were and he would have to change himself. If he pooped his pants she would go in the bathroom with him where he would have to draw his own bath (she checked the temperature of course) and get himself clean. I'm sure some people may think this method sounds harsh, but sometimes for kids that are really independent it's the only thing that works.
As far as reusable training pants go, there are some patterns I have seen the links to to make them, but I don't have the links, maybe someone else does. Also, the gerber training underwear have an little bit of absorbency. My sister uses those with a cheap pull on diaper cover when she' at home for her girls. She uses pull-ups the rest of the time. Anyway, hope something I said helps!
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