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URGENT HELP! I can't get my seats in the dang car...

I have a Dodge 09 Journey. I have both my kids (3.5yr and 20mth) RFing in the 2nd row outboard in Radian XTSL. My inlaws are visiting this weekend, and I need to configure the seats so that you can get into the 3rd row.

I tried to do one middle and one outboard in the 2nd row...can't get the folded seat to lower so you can get into the 3rd row.

I tried one FFing the 3rd row (3.5 yr, only for this weekend) and the other RFing in the 2nd row, but there is no anchor for the tether behind it that I can find or in the manual. Grrrrr.

I tried one RFing in the 3rd row with the other FFing in the 2nd row right in front of it, but the 2nd row won't go far enough up so that the RFing seat in the 3rd row will sit properly on the seat for install. GAH!

We DO have a Britax that the baby can use, and I may have to install that one RFing in the 3rd row since the shell is so much shorter, and then maybe my oldest can still be RFing in the 2nd row. I will try that tonight. I want to bang my head on a frickin' wall! We bought this thing so we'd have a 3rd row, but I can't even USE the dang thing!!!

Any thoughts? Experience? HELP!!
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