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Periods and the Mini Pill

For those of you who have taken the mini pill do you get your period during the off week? I started taking the pill on July 3 last week was my off week and my period didn't show up. I've always been pretty regular both on and off the pill. I took a pg test last week and it was neg but my period still hasn't started. I haven't had my period since before my girls were born and they are now 10mo. I was breastfeeding and taking DPD to boost milk production but I stopped DPD in late june and stopped breastfeeding the second week of july. I know DPD stops you from ovulating so I haven't had any kind of period since before my girls. I'm just wondering if you get your period when taking the mini pill?
Thanks for the help!

Well AF has raised her ugly head and boy is it ugly. It started yesterday 8/11 and it is heavy! soaking through tampons in 1.5 hours. Tonight I was feeling crampy so I took out my tampon and in less than 5min I had soaked through my pants thats my second pair. Ugg if it's gonna be this bad I'm gonna stop taking these pills I've never had a period this bad. This is my first ppaf so I know it's suppose to be bad but yuck this is bad.
I was kinda hoping it wouldn't appear and I would get a BFP but it is for the best as hubby is done we really have our hands full with the six we have but I can still wish, right?

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