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Best Convertible for a Generic Kid?

Hello car seat experts!

I know everyone is always asking for seat recommendations for their kids, but my request is a little different, so here it goes.

I run in-home childcare. And we go places! At this time I'm not providing car seats for the kids, instead I ask that parents provide seats for use in my car. I strongly encourage them to provide me with an extra seat that stays in my car. I'd like to have a little flyer that I hand out with my seat recommendations in order to steer parents in a good direction. Most of the parents have asked for this and no one has been offended so far.

Either in the order you recommend or in no particular order(please specify which you choose), what are the best options of convertible car seats for a generic kid at different price points? For example, I feel like common seats I see mentioned are Sceneras, MyRide 65s, Complete Air 65s, True Fit, Radians of all types. Are there any others I'm not thinking of? Are any of these not as good for as long for a generic kid? Also, what's a good price for each?

I know I'm asking for a lot of info and I really appreciate anyone who is able to respond. Thanks so much!
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