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Re: URGENT HELP! I can't get my seats in the dang car...

Originally Posted by monica-m View Post
I misread that part in the LATCH manual.

Can you use the scoot the outboard radian as far as it will go over toward the door and install the one in the center further over to the side giving the 40 seat more room to fold?

Where in Texas are you? I'm in Pearland and if you're in the Houston area I could help you with the installs in person.
Awww, you are so sweet! We are in Austin though. Long drive for a bit of help!

I will try first to scoot them over towards the door some...we'll see. I love the Radians, but moving them around is a PITA! Take boot off, put boot on, turn around, stick hand behind seat for belt path, etc etc. It's a workout.
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