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Noooooo!!! Why are they all ULTRA now?!

I was a devoted fan of Tide free & gentle powder prior to the Ultra version. It left us with perfectly soft, stain free, CLEAN diapers and clothes. Never an issue EVER. The Ultra just flat out sucked - everything was stained, stinky and NOT soft no matter how much I used! The liquid version was only slightly better and didn't seem to rinse well. So I recently found Arm & Hammer powder was exactly the same in terms of stain treating and softness on both our clothes and diapers - I was THRILLED. Having soft, clean diapers and clothes without having to stain treat or go through special routines was AWESOME.

Until today *sob* when I went to buy more...and it is now "concentrated" like all the other Ultra powders Every single free & clear powder I could find is now Ultra! Seriously this SUCKS. I am ready to have a new baby any day and I didn't want to have to deal with soaking the kids stained clothes or dealing with complicated diaper wash routines. I stood in the laundry soap aisle with a big sad face trying to figure out what to buy and came home empty handed. UGH.
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