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Re: URGENT HELP! I can't get my seats in the dang car...

Originally Posted by Len27 View Post
I feel your pain, we went through the same rigamorole with my honda pilot a few months ago. I ended up installing one FF outboard and one RF in the center so we could still access the fold down seat to get in the back BUT it wasn't remotely ideal and I basically had to retighten the RF carseat every time we flipped the seat down, so it wasn't even close to the best install. In the past I've had a FF seat in the third row (but I have tether points) and a RF seat in the center row onboard. Total PITA. God help us if we have a 3rd child and have to figure this all out on a permanent basis.
someone on has 6 seats in a pilot. I think 2 boosters, 4 convertibles, three rear facing, IIRC.
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