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Re: how do you know when stay dry is the best?

Originally Posted by philenabean View Post
I thought my daughter needed stay dry when we switched from disposables, since her skin wasn't used to the wetness. Turns out she was sensitive to PUL. I use mostly bamboo now with wool soakers. Made a huge difference. Now she gets red if I use disposables, which NEVER happened when she was in them full-time. I also use CJ's butter at night and sometimes during the day. A little bit of a barrier does help, like Melanie said!

ETA- wet cotton certainly irritates my daughter more than wet bamboo or fleece. OBF is my fave diaper material.
Hmmmm...interesting. Good to know. I rarely use PUL. I *do* have some AIOs..but those are mostly for DH and the like. I find it interesting that you're DD had a reaction to disposables..even when before she didn't!

ds has a bad crack rash. something in my bm was irritating him causing the rash when he poo'd.
hmm..maybe? I haven't really changed my diet. But then..I know sometimes reactions don't happen until later on...
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