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What seat should I buy?

So, our Safeseat malfunctioned today. The base (bottom clips) would not detach from the seat & the firefighters who removed it from my car had to destroy both the seat & the base in an effort to get it out of my van without damaging my seat belt.

We had the Safeseat model that was good up to 30 lbs & 32 inches, they do not make that model any more as far as I know. I did keep the cover and would LOVE to be able to reuse it (it matches everything else, ya know), but am not limited to that.

My toddler (who we originally bought the Safeseat for) rides in a Radian 80SL right now & I LOVE it. So, obviously another Radian 80SL or XTSL would be options.

BUT, I really love the convenience of a bucket seat for a newborn in winter.

So, is there a seat I can buy ASAP that will fit my cover?

Or what other infant bucket is GREAT and should I look at?

I need a base option if we are using a bucket, since my van does not have LATCH and I don't want to be seat belt installing a bucket daily.

I also don't want a HUGE bulky seat, since my husband is 6'4" and we need the front seats to be able to be all the way back.

Oh and I'd prefer it be compatible with our stroller, which was bought as part of a travel system with the Safeseat.

They are going to send me a check for $129.00, I have to ship them the broken products.

I found this: Berkshire Safeseat I'm not crazy about the print, but I think my cover would work with this one. $139.99

Safety 1st Onboard Air 35 $149 @ Wm or $159 at BRU

I have a 10% coupon for BRU so will probably buy from there.

ETA: DH is home. He's being a penny pincher (as usual).

He says it is between the green/brown Safety 1st Air or the Berkshire Safeseat.

I personally think both are ugly.

Pro of the Safety 1st--good ratings, better weight settings (4-35 lbs & 35 inches)

Pro of the Safeseat--will have 2 bases & can interchange my cover w/ the one on it (5-30 lbs, 32 inches)
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