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SnugRide 22 ?s

Is the SnugRide 22 decent? We had a BabyTrend FlexLoc with our first 2, and I hated it--loaned it to a friend, and it was in an accident, so won't be getting that back. We're expecting #3 in March, and I can get the SnugRide 22 for next to nothing on Amazon right now--I know it's early to be buying, but I'm starting to look at different options. Here are my questions:

-Does it work well for smaller babies? DD1 was 5 lbs when she came home; DD2 was 6 lbs.

-Is the base easy to install at the correct angle (we have a 2008 Town and Country and a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer with a Nautilus and a rfing Triumph Advance already in each)? I usually wear our babies, so not too concerned about getting it in and out much away from home, unless it's super cold.

-Can the handle be left up? DH is tall and the baby will probably go behind the driver's seat (at least in the van), so that would be a plus.

$$ is not a huge issue, but I don't want to spend a ton to get poundage we don't need--my 4 yo DD still doesn't weigh 30 lbs, and the 2 yo is only 24lbs, so I don't see outgrowing by weight (or height--they're shrimp-os ) being an issue. I have heard raves about the 35, but I don't think we need that. I just want a safe, easy to install carseat that will work from birth to 6 months or so, when we usually move to a convertible.

My stepsister has a 2009 Keyfit that I could probably borrow too--would that be a better option?

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