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Re: Why Does My Milk Dry Up Whe My babies turn 6months Old?!?

PPs have given you some excellent tips!!! However, I completley understand your milk actually drying up early. With both of my kids my milk began to dry up at 3 months pp. I took fenugreek, drank TONS of water, mother's milk, oatmeal, ect. and nothing worked. DD lost a pound and DS hadn't gained anything (not even an ounce) in 4 weeks. With DD I didn't know what to do and ended up putting her on formula. DS I knew what to look for; he didn't have many wet diapers (only 3 or so a day!) and hardly any poopy ones. So I contacted my midwife who put me on domperidone. It was a miracle! I ended up having to take it until we weaned (some women can wean off it). Check out it has some excellent info on breastfeeding, increasing supply, etc. Good luck mama!
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