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quick quick! help with a question before we buy :)

My husband just test drove a 2010 Dodge VanCaravan... he drove it over and showed me, and I can only see 1 anchor in the 3rd row, does anybody know if there is another anchor in the very back, or how to put 2 FF seats safely in the third row with this vehicle? DH thinks that you can hook up more than 1 seat the anchor (the anchor is in the middle of the bench)... but that sounds fishy to me, but I don't actually know! I looked in the manual of the van and did not say anything about the number of seats, it just said any tether should reach the anchor because the tether is adjustable.

help!! He's asking at the dealership, but I don't have much trust that the car salesman will be an expert on carseat safetly
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