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Re: HELP! I need a break or something!

Originally Posted by Pampered Mama View Post
BTDT! What worked for us was putting DS to work- yes- even at that young of an age, you can redirect some of their energy into "helping" (though, in reality the only real help is that they are staying busy in your site and not making another mess somewhere else!)

Folding laundry- he loved to help pull clothes out of the dryer into the basket- or put dirty clothes into the washer. We played "find the socks" where he would go through the clean basket and pull out the socks and put them into a pile while I folded other things and put them into piles up on a higher surface he couldn't reach- "find the socks" can also work with washcloths, or anything that there are multiple of in that load. As he got a bit bigger, he was able to help fold wahscloths and small towels into squares- he's actually pretty good at it. Now at 34 mos, he also helps find socks that match. We talk about various things the whole time we are working and I praise him for being such a good helper when we are done.

Dishes- DS started out being given spoons one at a time to put in the dirty basket, now he does butter knives and forks as well. When putting away, he can take out the non sharps and stick them in the holder, as well as take out the plastics and put them in the cupboard.

He loves to crunch up boxes for recycling!

A dishtub with about a cup of dry rice or beans and a couple plastic measuring cups (with a dustbuster handy!) would keep him occupied for quite awhile while I cooked dinner.

MY DAUGHTER LOVES TO HELP WITH LAUNDRY.. but she likes to play with the dryer balls IN THE DRYER. Then when I need to get her out to start the dryer or to do something else she screams like a banchee.

If I tried the rice/bean idea my DH would FREAK because it would be a bigger mess.. sighhh

Originally Posted by mariamommy View Post
I know how you feel, my 14 month old is constantly hanging on my leg. I don't quite hold her while I'm peeing or showering though.

Babies that age like shoes. Fill a laundry basket with shoes and let her play with them while you fold laundry.

I know it is hard. hang in there!
I give her a basket that I have filled with her hair bows or her basket that is filled with her socks if I really need to keep her occupied. It only keeps her attention for sometimes 2 minutes but other times 20 minutes. Usually I use those ideas for when I'm doing something dangerous to her like carrying boiling pots of water up the steps for her diaper laundry. (our water heater sucks) or sometimes if I want to shave my legs and I know my shower will take longer than the 3 minute ones I get normally! lol!
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