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Re: quick quick! help with a question before we buy :)

Originally Posted by CrazyBoysMamma View Post
I am not aware of a vehicle that allows more than one seat to be tethered to an anchor. Also, the LATCH in the caravans is a bit says "center" but in reality installing a seat with the third row LATCH eats up the center and one outboard seat. We rented one a couple months ago and while I loved the stow and go bins to reduce the amount of projectiles I really didn't think that back bench was as carseat friendly as it should be. What exactly do auto manufacturers think people do with minivans? IMO they should make them beyond easy to install seats in....but that's just my little pet peeve.
I totally agree, that's why I was so confused that there was only 1 anchor... I mean it's a VAN, most likely there will be a few kids riding?! Dh thought it must be in the middle so you could anchor 3 seats to the centre... I was like "I don't think so, doesn't sound safe to me..." lol (he was just thinking it must be that way, because why would only have 1 otherwise). We have 3 kids, so it will work for us, I just want to be able to use the back bench for 2 kids, so I can stow 1 middle row seat and have easy access to all the kids. When and if we have a 4th, our oldest will be ready for a booster likely, so it should be the vehicle to last us a long time!
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