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Re: Crazy?

Originally Posted by Greenebean214 View Post
Yes, my DD seemed to be on the bewbs 24/7. It's necessary to let them nurse on demand so they get as much colostrum as possible, and to signal your body to make enough milk. It will even out, and it wont be like that forever. It wasn't easy, but by the 3rd week it was like cake (but we had no issues besides normal soreness and sleep deprivation). As far as sleeping through the night, bfing or ffing shouldn't make that much of a difference. I know FF babies that are still up every 3 hrs at a year old, and BFing babies that STTN at 8 wks. It depends on the baby.

If you really want BFing to work out this time, get the support you need, don't introduce a bottle or pacifier, and offer to nurse as much as possible!

Mason seemed to nurse all the time. Come to find out he wasn't latching correctly and I had a low supply (the two caused a vicious cycle). He also fell asleep every time he nursed, so he would wake and want to eat again. I had days where I just wore shorts and a nursing bra around the house.

Once I went back to work I would go nurse him at the Center and get so discouraged when they said they had to give him formula after I left (I would be there for a long time and finally have to leave). He must have not liked the formula or he just figured out how things worked because at 2 months he started nursing much better. My trips to the Center got less frequent and not as long.

He slept through the night when he was a few months old, but when he started teething he would get up 2-3 times a night. This lasted until around 6 months, then it was just once 1-2 times a night. As much as I hated getting my sleep disrupted, I loved getting our alone time at 3 am too. He has been sleeping about 10 hours at night for a little over a month.

Today he is just over 13 months and still nurses 2-3 times a day. I never thought we would still be nursing and the lactation consultant gave me kuddos because she said a lot of Mom's give up when they have problems.
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