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Re: HE Toploader mamas...I have a few questions for you...

I have a Maytag Bravos, but I'm not sure it is the same model as what you are looking at. It is pretty middle of the road...I got it for $699 from Home Depot.

I love it! I actually returned my other HE Top Loader after using it on diapers for a few months and ending up very frustrated.

I can really customize the settings, so it is perfect for diapers. Even though it is a low water machine, you can fool the settings and get plenty of water.

After some trial and error, this is my system (and it works great)
-"Rinse and Spin"- select low spin, 20 mins (this will rinse the diapers in cold water)
-"Rinse and Spin"- select no spin, 9 mins (this will get all of the diapers soaking wet..and rinses them again quickly as well...the sopping wet diapers will not absorb any additional water in the wash cycle and tricks the washer as the same time to fill the tub with more water.)
-"Power Wash" - 77mins. The machine will automatically select Hot, Extra Heavy, Deep Clean, and Extra Rinse

Thats really all you should need. I throw and extra rinse in the end just for good measure.

And even though it does not allow you to rinse in warm or hot water, you can still pull it off with a little creativity. I set mine on "Bulky" in hot water and let it agitate around for a few minutes. Then I cancel the wash and turn the dial over to "Drain and Spin" Viola! Hot water rinses...perfect for stripping!

Hope that helps
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