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Re: HELP! I need a break or something!

Oh, mama! I'm right there with you. I'm tandem nursing my 28 month old and my 2 1/2 month old and I feel like all I do all day is take turns nursing. I've worn a butt spot in our rocking chair. I can't seem to get anything done b/c the moment I get up to try dd (the 2 y/o) decides she needs to nurse, or whatever. I don't have to use the bathroom with her in my lap anymore, but she's usually watching b/c the baby is in my lap... and then my 6 y/o wreaks havoc throughout the rest of the house b/c he feels like he's not getting enough attention. And he's not. At the end of the day I have nothing left to give anyone else and so my dh and 6 y/o usually just get yelled at for the tiniest things... then I feel like a failure for being so emotionally unstable. I just try to tell myself that it will pass, things will get better and one day there won't be dishes in the sink all the time anymore.
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