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He's 4 months. It's possible he's associating nursing with sleeping. It's what he's had since birth. Last night after working with him for an hour and a half (nursing rocking nursing etc) I had to put him down and walk away. I was getting frustrated. I let him fuss/cry for a few minutes and went back in and rolled him back over, gave him the paci and rubbed his back. He FINALLY fell asleep after 5 minutes or so. He slept from about 10-2 then I co-slept with him after that.

Naps during the day are difficult too. He will usually take a decent one in the morning but the rest of the day naps are on me or with me. It's just so hard and tiring that all day from the moment I wake up until I go to bed (and then during the night too) he's either attached to me in a carrier or attached to my boob. He feels like a permanent fixture! For the most part I'm totally okay with that, but other days I just want my body to myself.

My older 2 got a bottle pretty early and one every night. It gradually changed to more bottles until they weaned at about 4 months. I was disappointed so I really committed to ebf this time. In a lot of ways it's been everything I had hoped but I have to admit I didn't expect some of the other things too.
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