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Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Aug 8 - 14

Rebecca: I didn't know you have endo! Do they think that is a factor in why you haven't had success yet w/IUI?

My sister had/has endo really bad. I say had bc she never talks about it anymore and never has surgeries anymore. Perhaps she just lives with it now. But when she was in her teens and 20s she had lots of surgeries to remove endo and had lots of pain. She had thought that her infertility was all caused by her endo. She later found out she has a chromosomal issue that prevents her from having a baby. She did many rounds of IVF. I do think she conceived at least once with the IVF but she did end up miscarrying. I know she had a number of miscarriages from the chromosomal issues. In any case, I can't recall exact details about the endo - but it definitely did factor in to her difficulty conceiving. The endo wasn't the insurmountable part for her though.

Liesl: I hope you are feeling well again and able to eat!

AFM: I have my follie scan tomorrow. Curious to see if I am responding at all to femara and how my lining looks. If it all looks good, they will tell me when to trigger and will schedule my IUI for later this week. I'm preparing myself for more bad news.

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