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Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Aug 8 - 14

Originally Posted by sunyflwr View Post
Hi Amy...notice you had Endo. My particular type of uterine anomoly has a high prevelance of endo. I have read the "symptoms" lists on various websites. But would you (or anyone else!) care to expand on your history with it, how you got diagnosed, ect? Can endo develop after you are pregnant? From what I have read, it sounds like most start developing endo when you get AF for the first time as a teen. I guess I wonder if I need to be checked for endo...but wouldn't it have shown up during my million u/s while I was pregnant with DD in 2009?
I found out I had it last september. I've always had heavy/painful periods, but they were getting really really bad, and at the time DD had just turned 2 and after 2 years of NTNP I was starting to worry about my fertility. My dr. suggested that it might be endo and I had surgery to remove it. They can't see it on an u/s. I am glad I had the surgery so I know for sure, but its been almost a year since the surgery and I'm still not preggo... also it can come back and I think it has, my periods are back to being heavy and very painful. I don't know when it started but my theory is that BC pills kept it at bay and I went off them and got pg. right away with DD1, and then fairly soon after with DD2, and then I didn't take BC pills again so it just grew, that isn't based on any scientific fact though, just my own personal opinion, lol.

I'm about 11-12 DPO and having lots of symptoms, but I'd be shocked since I wasn't charting and we only DTD on what I think is O day and not before. We'll see in a few days I guess, lol.
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