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Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Aug 8 - 14

Amy: I had a csection with DD2 (she was Frank breech) and nursed her for almost 2 years. When I got my period back it was heavy and painful, but I just chalked it up to it being the first in 3 years. But from that period to when I started BCP again to help regulate it, I was bleeding really heavily and having painful periods, bleeding in between, etc. No fun. I learned that Super Plus Tampax exist and didn't even work for an hour for me. When I started BCP my cycle went back to normal--maybe even a little lighter. I've not been diagnosed, but I suppose it could be a possibility and adds another case study to your research!

I had my ER today and everything went well. 23 eggs! I'm usually a good responder, so there really isn't too much surprise there--just happy that we have a lot of little chances. The best news is that I am feeling fantastic. I usually am in agony by this point with OHSS but I'm having very little discomfort and it's mostly just soreness from the ER. No bloating yet! I've been eating a ton of protein and sodium this last week in the form of Lean Cuisines and drinking as much Gatorade as I can stomach, so I'm thinking that has helped. There hasn't been one time where I've not blown up with fluid and been laid up in bed in pain. I took a 4 hour nap today but aside from that I've been puttering around the house. DH even brought the kids to "loose ends" day at ODD's school to find out who her teacher is and buy used uniforms. Rifling through tables of used uniforms--or anything, for that matter--is his least favorite thing in the world, but he did great and clothed our oldest for the upcoming school year for about $90 instead of $400 new. And he said the kids were good and cooperative. Why does that never happen for me?! He had to go out of town tonight and tomorrow and our sitter was unavailable to help me out, so I'm glad I'm feeling so good. Fingers crossed I wake up in good shape. And have a good fert report.
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