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Re: 17 week loss

I've lost 3 in the 2nd trimester. The one that I went to 18 weeks with and delivered vaginally took nearly 2 months before I got another period. I bleed for about 3+ weeks. With my 15 week I bled for close to 3 weeks and that cycle was 37 days (I believe) starting at the day he was delivered. With my 12 week loss it was bleeding for just over a week, and a 32 day cycle.

After the 18 week loss (Zach) I got pregnant again after 1 full cycle and that's when I lost the 12 weeker (Toby).

I'm monitoring my fertility after Simon (he was the 15 weeker that I lost in June) and I am not impressed with my cycles. This is cycle 2 and it's still pretty off. I'd temp and wait until you have a really good looking cycle then start the next month. But that's just me. I'm probably never going to TTC again so it's more that I was in your shoes after my first loss and wish I'd have waited a little longer.

Best of luck mama!!!
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