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to U/S or not to U/S?

Three losses in a row, (healthy 15yr old and 2.5 yr old), and now pregnant again. Do I have multiple ultrasounds over the course of the pregnancy to keep fears at bay and keep an eye on the baby, or have no ultrasounds (besides the one today) and hope for the best?

I have had three losses in the last 14 months (June '10, 6 wks; Sept '10, 8 wks, twins; Apr '11, 18wks+3d, girl). I have a 15 yr old from my first marriage and a 2.5 yr old with my current husband.

[The first loss was early, unexpected, and spontaneous. The second was spontaneous, but only after going in for my routine U/S, which showed no heartbeats. The third I decided to be induced for delivery, after I had a feeling for a few weeks that something was wrong and I left work early to have a second U/S that confirmed the baby had passed. (First U/S showed strong heartbeat and no abnormalities.)]

I knew I was pregnant again a few days before my period was due - I woke up with a wicked gag reflex, and I only ever get that way when I'm pregnant. I had my first U/S today, and it showed my babe measuring exactly where it should be, 5wks+6d. The tech couldn't get the machine to pick up the heart tones, but we could very clearly see the tiny little heart beating away on the screen.

I can't get excited for this pregnancy - I am waiting for the day that I get the news that I've lost this one, too. That being said, the lead-up to an ultrasound now makes me wicked anxious and physically ill. So, I'm torn - do I have every ultrasound that they offer to keep an eye on the baby and hope and pray that, if something does go wrong, we can catch it in time? Or, do I say 'no, thank you' to any more ultrasounds and just wait for whatever happens?

What would you do?
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