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Re: to U/S or not to U/S?

I hear you, absolutely -- I've been pondering what I'll want to do the next time I manage to conceive, too, now that we've lost 4 in a row. I'm thinking I'll opt for a combined approach -- ultrasounds shortly after the times of my previous losses, to reassure me that all is well, and just decide on the others as they come, depending on how anxious I'm feeling. (In my case, it's a financial issue too, b/c my insurance won't cover the ultrasounds -- but I'm sure I'll still want at least a few.) I'm also really considering getting a BabyBeat, if we get far enough for a Doppler to help, for daily reassurance.

Long story short... I don't think anyone can predict how you'll feel as you progress, perhaps not even you. If it's causing more anxiety than it alleviates, by all means, skip it; there's rarely anything they can do, at least for the first half of the pregnancy, so it's just a matter of knowing sooner rather than later what's going on. Just take it a day at a time, imho, and be gentle with yourself; anxiety is completely normal, under the circumstances. Llet your OB's office know you'll call them if you decide you would feel better with another U/S, but if you won't, then don't feel like it's necessary.

Prayers for a healthy pregnancy this time around.
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