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Re: 17 week loss

I lost our fourth, a girl (Abby) at 24 weeks, 5 days in June. I bled on and off for the first 6 weeks, and my period started at 6 weeks PP and lasted a full week. So I guess this is my first "normal" cycle. My milk came in too, but I have a 1 year old who was still nursing and that did help. I'm so sorry for your loss. This has been so incredibly difficult and heartbreaking for all of us.

Our baby had umbilical cord torsion, which basically means when her cord was forming it twisted and eventually cut off her supply of nutrients & oxygen. We could tell when she was born that it was very twisted right in front of where her belly button would have been. Our doctors & midwives told us this was something that would probably never happen again, and as soon as we felt ready we were fine to try. They said there was no need to wait & leave it up to God if we wanted to. We are not preventing, and since we use NFP anyway (to avoid/achieve pregnancy) I've started charting (we use the Billings method, no temping). I would love to be pregnant again. I feel you mama.
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