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Re: Big Island living

Well thats the place in HI to do it. The northern part of the island has cattle ranches and farms it reminds me of the midwest alot western theme everywhere lots of cowboy boots being worn, southern part lots of coffee and specialized crops much more hippy, relaxing vibe going on. We moved to Oahu for DH's job and they said there is a possibility he would have an opportunity on the big island either Hilo or Kailua-Kona in a few years so we really dug down and saw the whole island, went neighborhood cruising and ate/shopped away from the tourist areas. For me personally I didnt care for it. It was waaaaaaaay too slow for my liking. We like the option to get food and have night life after 10pm on a weekend if we chose. I also didnt find the people as friendly and it smelled like Los Angeles(IMO) probably because of the volcano? Humidity was like the east coast or florida while we were there insta-sweat everytime we went outside. Ive yet to experience that thick heavy humidity here. Most everyone we met moved from the Mainland or Austrailia. DH and I agreed driving the island was like a mini tour of the mainland regions without any major cities. Its mostly wide open. We didnt like the harshness of the landscapes its nothing like the lush hawaii that people envision almost all of the coastline is rocky or sandy with the volcanic rocks. We do think when we're older and no longer have the desire to be spontanious and crazy and more settled in our ways it might be a nice place to live.

If your looking at real estate the cheaper it is the closer to the volcano it is and you'll have crazy insurance requirements. DH has a family member with a house and some property there and we spoke to a few realtors in Hilo and Kona to get some ideas as to cost and whatnot in the different areas.

I have a feeling we will be going again in a few months to revisit Kailua-Kona. Corporate went to check out a site for the new store and DH is a candidate for it so I'll update for you after we go.
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